Animal Hoarding?

So our parents love to watch some stupid show about ANIMAL HOARDING! Ugh! Lame! You can never have enough of "us", but to tell you the truth we were getting a little worried... Mom would look at the show and then look at us, and then look at the show, and then look at us again! We were like what the heck? Is she planning to get rid of one of us? We were kind of scared... well... I was more scared for Peanut, because it would be the most reasonable thing to say that he would be the one they would get rid of first.. I mean, HELLO? I was here first, I'm smarter, I'm cute, and I'm not chunky like Peanut!

Anyways, so right when we think we are ok and out of any danger of being seperated, Mom takes a picture of us! Please cross your fingers that she doesn't put it on craigslist or something sayin "FREE!" (Can you tell we are worried in the picture?)

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  1. senora_x Says:

    Too cute! I haven't heard of animal hoarders but I'm looking forward to the season premiere of hoarders tonight! Cute pic!