Tomorrow will be a whole year that my new wanna-be BFF came into our house. Peanut has been with us for 1 year! Gosh, I don't know why my owners love him so much. I mean, he's cute and all, but soooo annoying! Whatever.. well congrats Peanut, I guess I'm happy you are spending the rest of your life with us.

Anyways, here's a couple of pictures my mom wanted me to share with all of you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Birthday Maxx!

Even though we have our differences and Maxx is pretty much a grumpy, lazy, mellow, jerkface, I love my brother from another mother to death! Congratulations to my bro for turning 4! You are one of the best dogs I've ever known! Love you!

Mom is making meatloaf for dinner today... I think we'll be having some to celebrate Maxx's birthday! Yay!

Bath Anyone?

Ugh! As soon as Maxx hears the water he freaks out! What happened Maxx? Not so mighty alpha dog now huh?

Why Peanut? Why?

Peanut ALWAYS uses me as a pillow! Everytime we go out he uses me as his dog pillow! Ugh! So inconsiderate! Fatty doesn't know he's heavy!

Hope you are having a better day than this!

Animal Hoarding?

So our parents love to watch some stupid show about ANIMAL HOARDING! Ugh! Lame! You can never have enough of "us", but to tell you the truth we were getting a little worried... Mom would look at the show and then look at us, and then look at the show, and then look at us again! We were like what the heck? Is she planning to get rid of one of us? We were kind of scared... well... I was more scared for Peanut, because it would be the most reasonable thing to say that he would be the one they would get rid of first.. I mean, HELLO? I was here first, I'm smarter, I'm cute, and I'm not chunky like Peanut!

Anyways, so right when we think we are ok and out of any danger of being seperated, Mom takes a picture of us! Please cross your fingers that she doesn't put it on craigslist or something sayin "FREE!" (Can you tell we are worried in the picture?)

Posing for Momma

Oh it's obvious that I'm the photogenic one and Maxx isn't! Here are some pictures that mom took of us on the stairs (our fav. hang out place other then the bench that looks outside the window).

I'm obvious the Hotter one! ;o)

Have a wonruffel day!

I'm The Stubborn One?

Oh my friend Peanut is exactly what his name is... A NUT! He said to all of you that I was being a stubborn butthead because I didn't want to roll over... yet.. he's so dumb! Our trainer hasn't even told him to do anything and there he is acting dumb and rolling over without being told! Ugh! How embarassing! You want proof! Here it is! (I pretended a couple of times to roll over without being told just so Peanut wouldn't look so stupid doing it alone) I obviously am the smart one of the two. He was acting so ridiculous that even my owners couldn't stop laughing! (Especially my mom! She was getting on my nerves!) Ugh! Peanut! What are we going to do with you!?

Anyways, see ya!

By the way, don't ruff the simple things in life!